Entre Deux, un journal intime

En Septembre J’ai Déménagé en France, 2018

One minute film I made at the first year in La Poudrière, about my personal experience with the french language.

Ambivalence(s) festival, 2018

A very short film made for the Ambivalence(s) festival as an exercise at the first year in La Poudrière.

Within Thy Walls, 2015

Directed and animated by: Omer Sharon, Daniella Schnitzer.

City portrait about Jerusalem, a city with a great gap between the symbolism and holiness to the simple people who are living inside it and their daily life.

A graduation film from Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design.

l'Escargot, 2019

A one minute film for children, made for the channel Tiji during the second year in La Poudrière.

A Tribute to the Banality of Conflict, 2014

Fragments, 2014

A small gesture to the never ending Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Short movie about a place, a moment, and a memory.
This film is based on a text from my Grandfather's memories notebook that we found after he passed away.


Father's Kite, 2017

Directed and animated by: Omer Sharon, Daniella Schnitzer.

A Short Film for the Memorial of Amir Zohar that have been killed during the military service in Israel.
This film is part of the project Face. Day. Memory of Beit Avi Chai.

Un jeu dangereux, 2019

20 sec film made as an one week exercise in La Poudrière.

Sima from Block D, 2013

One minute film about our dreams out of the routine life.